Are you getting tired of the same old pre-fab, tasteless food at catered events? For a change of pace turn to Revolutionary Soup for your next event. With a variety of options, such as party platters with unique wraps, box lunches featuring gourmet sandwiches and salads, or a self-catered banquet of hearty soups, your taste buds won’t get bored!

If you need help choosing a menu, send us an email or give us a call at (434) 979-9988 and we can help you plan your event. We offer sandwiches, large wraps, small wraps, salads, and cookies by the platter or as part of box lunches. We also have bags of chips and a variety of bottled drinks including locally bottled water, Coke products, Honest Teas, and other fruit juices and sodas (e.g., San Pellagrino, GUS). Soups can also be delivered either pre-portioned in cups, or in a warmer for larger groups. Rolls and apples are also available for a discounted rate with soup purchases.

Need help planning?

The first thing to decide is whether you would prefer your food buffet style, on platters or bag lunch style. We recommend platters as it reduces waste, and the platters themselves are recyclable, but we can do either. Not every event is suited to platters.

Second, which menu items are you interested in? Is it a full meal or an afternoon snack? Wraps and sandwiches come cut in half on the platter, so if you’re looking for lighter fare or working with a tight budget, you can serve half a sandwich and a cup of soup, for example.

Third: are there any dietary restrictions or allergies? Our guiding rule is 25-30% vegetarian options for bulk sandwich or wrap orders. If you know for sure you need a specific number of vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free items, let us know when you place your order. The same goes for food allergies. If someone in your group has a peanut allergy, let us know and we will prepare and package their item separately to avoid any cross contamination.

Fourth: date, time, and location. We can deliver any order over $100 with advance notice (we recommend 3 days, but you can call us with rush orders and we will do our best) within the City of Charlottesville or on UVA Grounds. Orders that fall outside the city boundary may be taken on a case by case basis as time & driver availability allows. If we can’t deliver to you, you can always pick up at the store!

Finally, method of payment. Orders placed through UVA and paid with a Purchase Order must go through America To Go. Orders placed directly with us may be paid with a credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), cash, or a business check.

To get the ball rolling on your next event, contact us at If we don’t respond within 24 hours, feel free to give us a call at (434) 979-9988, but remember that between 11:30am and 2pm we may be very busy and unable to spend much time on the phone.

We have also partnered with Elevate Meal Plan for those of you eating out on the Corner. (Note: this is a pick up only service, not delivery.) And though we would love to see you in person, we understand sometimes the forces of the universe conspire to keep you at home. And for that, there is Grubhub.

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