Today I planted Yellow Chard, Chioga Beets, Collards and two types of lettuces. These were planted in beds that I tilled up a week ago in the area that the pigs spent their winter. The beds were 2 feet wide and 25 feet long in the Spin farming model. I did not use any special soil or fertilizers when putting the seeds in the ground.

Using a hand furrow digger I made small furrows the length of the beds, then I dropped the seeds into these furrows according to the spacing prescribed for each as best I could. I did no bury the seed but merely tamped down the earth with the back of my garden rake on top of each furrow as I have had good luck with this method of sowing in the past and am always worried about burying seeds too deeply. By simply tamping down each furrow I find the appropriate amount of dirt is knocked over the seed and the soil is packed nice and tight to keep everything in place.

The beets were given two rows per bed, the greens were given three rows per bed and the lettuces were given four rows per bed.

I then watered using a hose extension from our house as we have not found a suitable filter for our pond water. A very light spray until the soil became saturated, twice in a row to be sure.