Things have really leveled off here since my last update post entitled “Disaster.”  I have fortified the strongholds, purchased anti predator gadgets, kept my rifle a little closer to my side and out from all of this something has worked.

We do have to catch the remaining six ducks every night by hand and put them into their duck house and lock them in. That is a bit frustrating but I have plans to revise the duck house with hopes that they will use it themselves. They still won’t swim in the pond –driving me nuts.

The Guineas are autonomous. They drink small amounts of water but are given a bucket full of feed every day. They flap around in their enclosure which is perfectly sixed for them and have not started making the loud, obnoxious noises they are famed for.

The sheep roam in the two and half acre paddock. I don’t know how we will ever catch them when we need to. My next project will be to build them a run in shed, with hopes we can coral them in there when need be. They are beautiful animals and a pleasure to have wandering about the place. I thought they would keep the grass a little better, there is still time.

The pigs are on the way. We just finished building their shelter but still need to run electric around the lower field where they will spend the winter turning up the dirt for the produce plantings next year. We have two young Tamworth coming and have just been offered a pregnant sow as well. I think I will bring the sow in, why not punish myself with even more than I can already not handle.

The new batch of Chickens is coming along splendidly. There have been no troubles with any of them. We have a hoop house built for them in the pasture with electric poultry netting around. Instead of making the house moveable we are simply going to move the poultry netting to spread around their manure and useful scratching. When we begin to do broilers we will build moveable “Chicken Tractors,” but this will do until then.

We have a Great Pyrenees dog coming to keep it all safe and remind us that life is often like a loud dog barking all night in your ear.

As for the restaurant, things are going great and I want to thank all of our customers for this fact. Our new team, as I have said before, is the tightest we have ever had. Please continue to give us feedback, we have only one hill to die on and that is to keep providing sustainably raised, local food at a reasonable, everyday price that is delicious to our customers and presented in a way that is pleasing and helpful. If there is ever a problem, tell us and we will make it right.

Fall is coming and that is Soup Season! We have some great specials lined up and are really excited to keep Charlottesville warm again this year. Thank you all for your support, I hope to see you at the Soup real soon.