This morning one of our Chickens was covered in mud, soaking wet and falling over as If drunk.  I took her inside, washed her off and dried her as best I could. When I set her back in the run she still looked drunk and dazed and continued to fall over. I did several Google searches to see if I could find any information but could only find discussion boards full of conjecture and nothing concrete.

Lisa suggested that I isolate the chicken in case it had something that could spread to the others. She also suggested giving it olive oil, a remedy for Chickens who are experiencing trouble popping out eggs. I have done all these things and the Chicken seems to be coming along pretty fine.

I believe this is the same Chicken I have found before soaked through by the rain and dazed and so I wonder if there is just something wrong with this Chicken. Time will tell but in the mean time we will do everything we can to keep it hearty.

Also this morning I am in need of catching all of our sheep in the sheep shed for possible shearing tomorrow.  My usual method is to tie a string to the gate, walk it down the hill into our house and wait until they are all in. Then I simply pull the string and voila.

This morning’s attempt did not go so smoothly. I intended to wait until later in the day but had set the string up anyway. When I looked up just moments ago I saw that they were all in and could not miss the chance. I pulled the string but had left too much slack so one of the sheep got out. I also stepped in the basic of freshly collected Duck eggs in the fumble smashing them all.

So now I need to figure out if I should let the others out in an attempt to catch them all again and risk them not going back for fear of a repeat containment. Or should I just stay with what I’ve got and try to shear the remaining sheep myself at a later time? I have heard that shearing is a fearful and bloody task for the uninitiated and am weary of this approach.

I suppose I will just wait for my wife to call me, she’s good about these things.

In better news I believe we have produced a litter of Rabbits just the night before last. I am not 100% certain as I do not want to disturb the brood to find out but it seems rather clear that there is some rustling in the well lined birthing box.

This is our first second generation on the farm and is very exciting for us here. Meanwhile we wait for the rains to end and the earth to dry out so we can turn the dirt and begin paying mind to the expansive produce production we have planned for this Summer.

Thank you all for your continued support of Revolutionary Soup. You are making my dream of a fully Farm to table every day dining experience a reality.