This blog is dedicated to the goings on of Rev Soup Farm. It will be a while before I have much to tell as I am still just beginning. Currently, however, we are working with Timbercreek Farm who is custom raising an Angus cow for Rev Soup. Though not on my property, I have spent large amounts of time keeping up with owner Zach Miller to determine just how we want this cow to come to slaughter. Zach is as dedicated to sustainable farming as any one I know in the business and a far better planner than most. We both have looked long and hard into the Polyface method and learned a lot (we love you Joel).

Zach has taken his husbandry a further step though and implemented practices unique to Timbercreek making his beef my selection for the Autumn and Winter Beef needs at Rev Soup. First and foremost is Zachs insistence on Organic feed (Especially with Timbercreek chicken this makes a huge difference; we are serving them every week these days at The Soup and they are the best chickens I have ever tasted regardless of all the organic, sustainable stuff). And although I am a firm believer in grass fed, I feel strongly that some grain must play into the Beef equation to balance the beneficial qualities with the flavorful ones.

I will say it here and now to all the grass fed fanatics, ‘Beef is also about flavor.’ By this I do not mean to say that grassfed beef does not have good flavor, it does. I have had incredibly delicious grassfed beef. What I mean to say is that if flavor were your only goal than you would not use grassfed just as if a healthful oneness with the world were your only goal you would only use grassfed. My goal is both, though I lean towards the ‘healthful oneness with the world’ side of things for the beef I bring into Rev Soup.

However, if I were running a steak house I may think more about the flavor side of the equation. The difference is that at Rev Soup most of the beef is used in braises, stews and ground up for chili. An articulate oneness of flavor is not as essential in stew as it is for a perfectly cooked steak –a medium that I hold with great reverence. That is to say, flavorwise I can afford to think more about the beneficial health qualities of the beef I use at Rev Soup.

As a side note, the cow is coming along just perfectly, right now he is completely grass ranged and is benefiting from that system, in perfect health, though I imagine a bit hot these days. We will introduce some grain into his diet closer to September and I will keep you all abreast of developments.