Lisa and I have just purchased a beautiful little farm house on 5 acres of land in Esmont. This is where we have decided to dig in and give small scale farming a go. It has been a long time dream of ours and frankly we just couldn’t wait anymore. I just hope we don’t go broke in the mean time.

The 5 acres we have to work with present some interesting challenges. The majority of the property is on a slight hill that may be too much for produce cultivation because of erosion issues. There is about a half acres of woods that is about half cedar and a half acre pond on the land as well. Although these land features present challenges they are also the draw for us to this land. We are excited to have three separate ecosystems to be working with no matter how small.

Beyond this I have already come to an agreement with one of our neighbors to lease an additional acre of completely flat land to work for produce.

So this is what we have to work with and from this I hope to establish the Revolutionary Soup Farm. The idea will be to grow food directly for the restaurant. The farm will be cultivated organically though I have no intentions of seeking organic certification. Beyond that I intend to work to make this farm self sustaining and as low impact for the environment as possible.

I will be following the lead of farms I know and love as much as I can. Having never cultivated the earth on this level before I will need all the help I can get. I will also be raising some animals, Chickens because they are so useful for eggs, Guinea Fowl to help keep the bugs down and act as guards against intruders, Ducks for eggs and meat, Goats for meat, milk and pasture maintenance and Pigs to turn the field up and keep the woods clean of unwanted growth.

I will post my progress along the way and look forward to your replies and advice.

This is a new chapter for Rev Soup and will become an integrated system that has been a goal of mine for quite some time.

Thank you all for your support.