We have secret weapon when it comes to wine. Owner Will Richey is a founding member of The Wine Guild of Charlottesville and uses the club as a tasting panel. The Guild’s penchant for finding incredible, ‘off the radar’, wines from all over the world has gifted them with the incredibly useful ability of finding the best wines to be had in the $10 and under category as well. We grab these babies by the case for Rev Soup.

The best deals are stacked in cases in front of the register. You’ll find excellent wines in the $8, $9 and $10 range. That is correct, it is possible to have under $10 wines that are correctly made and actually worth drinking. Grab a few bottles to enjoy with your next meal…in our restaurant or at home.


A sample of our Summer Beer Selection for the Downtown store:
New Holland
Full Circle Kolsh
Golden Cap Ale
Mad Hatter IPA
Sundog Amber Smuttynose
IPA Victory
Golden Monkey Lager
Sunrise Weiss
St Boisterus
St. Vict Wmsburg
Colonial Wheat
Tavern Ale
Pale Yards
Thomas Jefferson Ale
Poor Rich
Spruce Ale
Lager of Lakes
Oberon Ale
Dogfishhead 60 minute
Peach Beer