About Revolutionary Soup


Revolutionary Soup opened in 1998 on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA.

We're excited to be celebrating 20 years in 2018!


Affectionately known as "Rev" Soup, our spot soon became known as a favorite for locals and travelers who were looking for a delicious, thoughtful meal that was quick & easy, especially those customers in search of vegetarian or vegan options. Wilson Richey started working here as a line cook in some year he won't tell us, and one day he bought the place because he just liked it so much. Then he brought another Rev Soup to the Corner at the University of Virginia, so all the students could have some soup too. Wilson went on to start a few more great spots in Charlottesville with some wonderful people (The Whiskey Jar, The Bebedero, The Alley Light, The Pie Chest, Brasserie Saison)... but he still comes back to Rev Soup at least once a week for a shift in the kitchen, and to pull out his pocket spoon and taste all the soups. Don't worry, he assures us he washed the spoon. 


We prioritize eating local and organic. Here are a few of the local farmers and vendors from whom we source our food:


Timbercreek Farm (chicken, beef, eggs)
Twin Oaks Community Foods (Tofu)
Glandore Spices
Seafood at West Main (miso, seaweed)
Goodwin Creek (bread)
Albemarle Baking Company (rolls)
Carter's Bread (hoagies & kaisers)
Breadworks (sunflower wheat)
Local Food Hub
Mountain Culture Kombucha
Snowing in Space Nitro Coffee
Shack Shack Sauces


We think the best things in life are good food, local beer, great wine, best friends and literature. Recite five lines of poetry when ordering, and good things will happen. If you don't know any poetry, check our board each month for a poem and two great poets you should read. The library is within walking distance; go find them there!