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Reintroducing the poetry discount

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It is not uncommon that people tell me they would like to read poetry, but they just don’t understand it. Or they would like to read poetry, but they don’t know whom to read, or where to find the good stuff.  To that end (and because we have a longstanding love of the form), I […]

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Farm 2016 Notes

Farm 188 Comments

It is May 1st. I have tilled twice already and planted about 18 rows of lettuces, beets, radishes, chard, carrots, zucchini and squash. Feb and March were warm and it looked like it was going to be an early season then we got a late frost the first week of April and it has been […]

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Farm Year 2015 Notes

Farm 176 Comments

Today is May 26th and I am going to try to recount the Spring planting as I recall it. Sean Snider is working the lower acre this year and planting Tomatoes, Okra and peppers in large quantity to supply The Whiskey Jar and Rev Soups. I finished the Summer planting last week May 18th but […]

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A catch up letter to good friend and former farm helper Jon.

Farm 240 Comments

Dear Jon, I will never have someone to help me down here on the farm that worked as hard or was as much fun to work with as you were. We rocked almost an acre of produce with just the two of us and a few hoes… A single plowing from a tractor, a couple […]

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Garden Journal #3

Seasonal Specials 246 Comments

Things to remember for next years Spring and Summer planting. The Golden rule: thin more, seed less. I need a better Tomato trellis system, the post and cord method was fine but not great, I will try to make some cages, which is my favorite method but costly, I will also try a post and […]

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Garden Journal Entry#2

Farm 197 Comments

4/20/11 Today I finished planting the first of three rows in what we are calling the Pond Field which is about a quarter of an acre. Near the South end of this field I created another bed of 6 rows in which I planted English Peas, Radishes, Spinach, Kale, Arugula and Romaine. This is a […]

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Garden Journal Entry #1

Farm 194 Comments

4/7/11 Today I planted Yellow Chard, Chioga Beets, Collards and two types of lettuces. These were planted in beds that I tilled up a week ago in the area that the pigs spent their winter. The beds were 2 feet wide and 25 feet long in the Spin farming model. I did not use any […]

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Spring Fixes

Farm 211 Comments

This morning one of our Chickens was covered in mud, soaking wet and falling over as If drunk.  I took her inside, washed her off and dried her as best I could. When I set her back in the run she still looked drunk and dazed and continued to fall over. I did several Google […]

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